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Rusalnaia Magic!

Gillian is flying in from the US on thursday and we’ll finish mixing the new Rusalnaia album together. Then she and I will play a couple of Rusalnaia shows – one in Nottingham and one in Sheffield – the first we’ve done in at least 2 years.

The new album is more electric than our first album, and the live shows will feature Gill alternating between dulcimer and electric guitar. We’re excited about playing these songs live as well as revisiting some of the songs on our first album. It’ll be great to spend time together again and take her to some of my favourite new haunts: last time she visited I was still living in the wilds of Wales and we wandered desolate hillsides by moonlight and visited ruined castles. This time it’ll be a tour of the local Sheffield cafes and pubs, with excursions into the Peaks – I can’t wait!